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gQ. What can I do to thicken up my lawn? A. Dethatching, Aerating, over-seeding and fertilizing are extremely beneficial. Mix that with proper watering  and mowing practices to achieve a thick healthy lawn.

Q. When should I aerate and how often? A. Once a year for the average lawn but a heavily compacted soil could benefit from two a year. It is best to have this done in early spring or fall for a cool season grass. Early summer is best for warm season grasses.

Q. When should I dethatch and how often? A. Once a year and like aerating its best if done when your grass is in its prime growing season. Warm season grasses like early summer and cool season grasses like early spring or fall.

Q. When should I fertilize my lawn and how often? A. Three times a year if its a high quality slow release. up to 5 if its a fast release. We recommend three of the slow release for a more controlled growth. For warm season grasses we fertilize April, June and August.

Cool season grasses we fertilize March, late August and early October.

Q. When and how often do my trees need to be fertilized? A. Once early spring and once late fall.

Q. When and how often should I over-seed? A. Its best to over-seed once a year preferably in the fall but early spring is next best.

Q. When should my trees be trimmed? A. Minor pruning is best done spring or fall. Major pruning should be done in winter to avoid unwanted disease and pest.

Q. What does weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance consist of? A. We mow with bagging mowers, weed eat anywhere the mower cant reach, edge and blow all off all clippings and debris. We also keep weeds out of your sidewalks.

Q. What does your flower bed maintenance consist of? A. Keeping flower beds weed free, shrub trimming, ornamental pruning/deadheading, fertilizing and mulching. Of course we can tailor this to your needs.